A naming ceremony is a memorable way to introduce your newest addition to the family, during which you openly declare your promise to be the very best parent(s) you can be. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together, to talk about what’s important to you as a family, to strengthen bonds and consolidate a connection with each other.

And a naming ceremony isn’t just for celebrating the birth of a child. It’s a lovely way to welcome stepchildren or an adopted child – formally blending and cementing the family unit.

A memorable naming/family bonding/adoption ceremony can involve all members of the family, including siblings and grandparents. The ceremony can include religious and/or secular elements and take place in a location of your choice, including your own home or garden (weather permitting). It can take place on any day of the week too, and at a time of your choice. Godparents can be appointed, or for those who prefer another term – guardians, life mentors or supporting adults. The ceremony can also include music, readings and symbolic unity ceremonies. One of our favourites is what we like to call ‘the cookie jar of wisdom’ which can involve everyone attending, providing a font of knowledge for your child to dip into throughout their life.